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Lapeer County Animal Control



Located at:

2396 W. Genesee St.

Lapeer, MI 48446


Animal Control

(810) 667-0236



(810) 245-6206








Hours of operation


Shelter / Adoption Center hours

Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.

9:30 a.m.to 4:30 p.m.




9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.



We are also closed on major holidays.

We close 12:00pm to 12:30pm Monday thru Friday for lunch.


Field Services hours

Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri.

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.




Field services unavailable



We are also closed on major holidays.

In case of emergency, please contact the police department central dispatch at (810) 667-0292.


Important links related to animal services


Animal control law in our community






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Renew your license online and we will mail you your license tag back in the mail!

Please have a copy of your current rabies vaccine certificate ready to upload when purchasing your license.

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Adoption fees:

Dogs that are spayed and neutered: $50.00

Dogs NOT spayed or neutered: $100.00*

Puppies NOT spayed or neutered: $110.00*

Puppies spayed or neutered:$60.00

Cats that are spayed or neutered: $20.00

Cats/Kittens NOT spayed or neutered:$70.00*

*These animals are adopted on a spay/neuter contract, when the animal is spayed or neutered

within the given time frame and proof is provided $50.00 will be refunded to the adopter.

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If you have lost a pet please post to the following Facebook Pages:

*For the Love of Louie Michigan Lost Pet Lookers

* Lapeers Adoptable Animals

You can also call the office at 810-667-0236 to ask about a lost pet.

If you found a lost animal, please call and report it to the Animal Control office, people with out internet check our office frequently.

All strays found in Lapeer County are required by law to come into Animal Control, after a 5 day in-shelter stray hold they will then become available for adoption.

We can NOT take strays from other counties, they must go to Animal Control in the county that they were found in.


Search criteria
Species Gender Age Size


Dog License Fees :

Spayed or Neutered Dog


Non-Spayed or Neutered Dog


3 Year license: $35.00


3 year License:$55.00


1 Year Licnese: $12.00


1 Year License: $20.00


Delinquent License Fees Spayed/Neutered


Delinquent License fees Non-spayed or Neutered


 1year License: $50.00


1 Year License: $50.00


3 Years License: $74.00


3 Year License: $90.00












-All Dogs are, BY LAW, required to be licensed at 4 months of age, and continue to be licensed the remainder of their lives.

-To purchase a 3 year license you must have a 3 year rabies shot that has been given in the same year you are purchasing your license.

-Lapeer County Dog licenses coinside with your rabies vaccine, if you purchase a 1 year license it will expire on the anniversary of your rabies vaccine the following year. If you  purchase a 3 year license your rabies and license will expire on the same day.

-You have 30 past the expiration of your license to renew with out being charged a late fee, once the 30 day grace period has elapsed the license becomes considered delinquent.

-If you have just moved to Lapeer County you need to show proof of your previous dog license and have 90 days to purchase a Lapeer license.

-If you have recently adopted, rescued, or purchased a dog you have 30 days to get a dog license before it becomes considered delinquent unless it is a puppy under 4 months of age.

-To pay the spayed or neutered rate you must have proof that your pet is altered.

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Items Needed:

-Laundry Soap

-Dish Soap


-Laundry Scent Crystals

-Dry/Wet Kitten and Cat Food

-Dry/Wet Dog and Puppy Food

-PeePee Pads

-Collars/ Leashes

-Contractor Trash Bags

-Cat Litter- Pine horse pellets and clay type

-Flea medications from vet office- revolution preferred for cats

-Adaptil collars and Plug in

-Feliway plug in




Sponsorship of Animals

Do you want to directly help an animal in our shelter? Please consider a sponsorship of a cat or dog in our shelter, any donation amount is very helpful, but listed below is what it costs for a sponsorship to help an animal with veterinary care.

Cat full sponsorship: $40.00

Cat half sponsorship: $20.00

Dog Full Sponsorship: $80.00

Dog Half Sponsorship: $40.00

A sponsorship will cover the cost of spaying or neutering the animal and all age appropriate vaccinations, by doing this it increases the adoptability of the animals.



You can also purchase items off of our Amazon Wish list and they will be shipped directly to our shelter, click the blue hyperlink to go directly to our list!


We are in need of live traps to continue TNR work in our shelter, please consider donating a live trap through our wish list at TRU catch trap, just click the blue hyperlink to go directly to our list!




Image result for Volunteers dog shelter

We are in need of Volunteers at Lapeer County Animal Control, Volunteers walk the dogs, socialize with the cats, and work with the public interested in adopting! You can stop in to get an application at 2396 W. Genesee St. in Lapeer during regular business hours or click the blue link below to print it!


Volunteer Form